National Academy of Mortuary Science
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 
  1. Qualifications

To qualify for the degree, Doctor of Philosophy, Funeral Service Education,  you must meet the following qualifications:

                      1. You must be licensed in funeral directing and embalming for at least ten years.
                      2. You must be a graduate of an accredited mortuary college.
                      3. You must have directed at least three thousand funerals.
                      5. You must have embalmed a minimum of one thousand cases.
                      6. All required Continuing Educational Units must be up to date.
                      7. Candidates must show civic involvement for at least five years.
                      8. You must have been a "master funeral director" to at least one apprentice funeral director.
                      9. You must have been a "master embalmer" to at least one intern embalmer.

Items 8 and 9 refer to training for licensure within the funeral home. Some sates use different terminology. In certain foreign countries some requirements do not apply because of different licensure practices. All applicants will fill out an extensive questionnaire which will help our board of directors decide if your life experience is adequate for this degree. In some cases the board will require proof of certain accomplishments. You may also be required to write an educational paper, or rewrite an outdated teaching lesson from our school for Certified Mortuary Technicians. In the later case, you will be given credit for all intellectual property you have published by us.
Below is an advertising photo from a brochure printed by Airstream. In the background is the western side of Wells-Kloss Funeral Home, circa 1981. This was Trans-Air coach job1. Duke's second bus/hearse was built by a commercial bus factory in Kansas. It held 22 inside, one in the back, with no room for flowers, Most funerals were conducted with a lead car, the deceased and family in the Airstream, and the rest of the funeral party in coach two. After the funeral, the busses would take everyone back to our party room in a separate building on site. It was a wonderful system that I felt for sure would catch on.

Cadillac Motor Division assured me that the last full size car had been made, and that no major manufacturers would be producing a chassis suitable for hearse production. Airstream doesn't want to talk about how many of these were produced at $85,000 per copy. I paid considerably less than the MSRP. They refused to pay me our agreed fee for duplicating my design. Superior and others made hearses on the smaller chassis, and the rest is history.  If you have any thoughts on this, please share with an email to
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